Have you maintained the same childhood zest for life, or has it changed over the years?

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A New Year Perspective

Are new year resolutions always the best? Do we give ourselves enough credit when we make or break them?

Days You Ponder Your Why

I wrote a piece a couple weeks back that sat on my computer waiting for me to publish.  The funny thing is I didn’t want to.  Maybe the words needed to be said, or at least laid out, but not published. That is common for me.  There are many things in my life that I... Continue Reading →

Real Talk

I've started researching a game plan for 50k training.  Looking at the training plans I've seen I know it is going to be physical, and I know it's going to take perseverance, dedication,and personal willpower.  What surprises me is the common agreement of an emotional journey an ultra marathon takes you on.  It's been said... Continue Reading →

Dreams to Goals

Question:  Are you the type of person who turns a dream into reality shortly after confessing it?  Or even after a reasonable amount of time?  I admire you if you are that person - because I am not.  Except for those no-brainer ones that come naturally like letting your husband know how much you appreciate him more... Continue Reading →

Journeys Worth Taking

Here is the thing – I am not a writer.  I have a lot to say, and even though my heart is poetic my hand is prosaic. I write because as I become more confident I am open to sharing my life experiences, thoughts, dreams, fears, and even failures. I see us all connected, and... Continue Reading →

No Bites For Me

Bugs will be off the charts this year, after a record snowfall season.  Normally, I would stock up on bug spray and make sure it is the good stuff.  If it doesn't say DEET, then I don't want it.  After all, we must protect ourselves! Now, I know better. Did you know that the CDC... Continue Reading →

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