A dream come true I never had

Have you found yourself wanting more, but not knowing what that more was? How did you find it? And when you found it, did you realize right away that you were looking for it?  Or, did it take time before you realized it was something your life needed?

I overheard a coworker talking about needing a runner for a relay team.  Even though I haven’t ran since high school, I was intrigued. I have great respect for this lady, and it got me thinking, “I want to be on her team!”  I can run, right?  Working at an elementary school, a ball flew over the fence. I was the lucky lady to get to retrieve it.  Of course there is not gate to easily grab it, one must walk 500 miles.  I had clear vision, if I can run – to the ball – I will consider joining the team. So, off I went. December sun, cool air, a nice setting for my maiden run. And, behold, I made it to that darn ball!  Thank you, Jesus!! It was a far run, at least a quarter of a mile! Probably, more like an eighth of a mile, either way, it was far for this non-runner.  Catching my breath, trying to tell my lungs to stay in my chest, I walked and wheezed hoping some normalcy would return before I faced my coworkers. That mid-December, I signed up for a Ragnar Trail Relay Race.


Couch to 5k became my best friend. If you are not a runner, as I was clearly not, I highly recommend this app. It guided me by baby steps into running. The biggest thing, do not “forget” to run. It takes dedication.  Starting out was easy enough. My 10 year old even started running with me. Then, when I had to run for 5 minutes straight, I felt like I was ready to throw the app out. Before I knew it, I realized I just ran 3 miles without stopping, pure joy! Maybe it wasn’t a fast 3, but it was 3!

I still say I am not a runner, although, I do say I run. I AM that one runner who makes all other runners look good. What I found that day walking into the office is I had something in me I didn’t know I had. I had a drive I thought I lost back in my twenties. The saying, “you are never too old to try something new” is true!



That July, I ran the relay with 7 other awesome (real) runners. It was a dream come true I never thought I had. Two days, and over 15 miles, I did it!


Finding dreams that become gems in your life are remarkable life-changers. Overhearing a conversation was the start, not only taking control of my health, but it it took me to doors I never thought I would stand before, let alone open.

What is your dream you never knew you had?

~Loyal Oil Mom

8 thoughts on “A dream come true I never had

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  1. Wow! Congratulations! I really admire those who run because I am more of a “run if someone is chasing me” kind of gal! The dream that I never thought I would actually do, but made I made it happen, was writing a book. That feeling of accomplishing a dream is like none other! Best wishes on all of your continued accomplishments!

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    1. Congratulations on your amazing accomplishment! It takes dedication and self-confidence to start and finish a dream as big as a book! This blog is the only way I will write a book. I hope to inspire others as I do. Let us know what your book is so we can support you!

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  2. That’s awesome! I am really happy about your accomplishment. Making a new habit from scratch takes some time and a big effort. But once you get there your own body asks for it. I am feeling a bit envious by you!


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