Winter of the Century

Growing up in the Sierras, snow has been a staple every winter. You learn fast, if you dress to compensate for outdoor temperatures on a school day, you will be dying from heat exhaustion by lunch. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth while running.  Turn into the slide when you loose traction on an ice covered road. Most importantly, you learn to sing the song, “If every snowflake were chocolate and pizza, oh how happy I would be!  I’d go outside with my mouth open wide…”

Raising my kids in the high desert just outside the snow covered sierras, they miss the daily joys of winter. There was no such thing as winter blues. When the snow was falling, you prayed for the snow day. Windows open, fire crackling, and eyes watching each flake pile up. Although a tad different, my kids enjoyed the excitement of snow days. So many in fact, that the school district ran out of snow days!

With record snow levels, it was a great year to sign up for the Sky Tavern Ski Program.  The best decision I made!  Snowboarding was incredible this year! My 11 year old was racing down the hill, pulling grabs off rollers and riding switch better than I can normal. My 6 year old was racing down the hill, too. I had to keep up with her, one time falling and having a hard time catching back up!  Going in to the season, my nerves were high thinking about all that could go wrong. By the end of the season, both my kids proved to me that they are very capable of riding responsibly. HUGE relief for this worrying momma.

If snowboarding wasn’t enough, my husband invested in a couple older snowmobiles. Sledding through the Sierras was beyond glorious. If you want a place to meditate and quiet your mind, getting out back country, listening to the mountains in a blanket of snow, you carry that peaceful calm with you for months. I was able to bottle that feeling up, and open it during a hectic point in my week. I think I have enough bottled up until I get a spring mix!

A highlight was arriving at a lake that is a family favorite camping spot.  Sledding up the road passing road signs that are 1″ above the snow your sledding on was jaw dropping!  It was almost May! Standing on the boat dock, the kids performed a perfect penguin slide down towards the lake.  It was a tad surreal thinking we were standing 6 feet above the lake we usually are swimming in. I have a feeling this year it may take longer before we relax in our favorite camping spot.

Just because 2016-2017 had record snow levels, it didn’t keep this family inside. Go out and explore the outdoors. Even in winter.  If you didn’t make it out yet, there is still plenty of snow.  Squaw Valley will be open until July 4th this year!  So go, and enjoy the precious snow!! And when you are done playing, relax your muscles with the fabulous Deep Blue Rub from dōTERRA. It is a massage in a bottle!


-Loyal Oil Mom



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