No Bites For Me


Bugs will be off the charts this year, after a record snowfall season.  Normally, I would stock up on bug spray and make sure it is the good stuff.  If it doesn’t say DEET, then I don’t want it.  After all, we must protect ourselves!

Now, I know better.

Did you know that the CDC and EPA will back a product that is a synthetic of the natural product, which has been linked to health concerns, yet, they will not back the natural form itself.  I don’t want a chemical that is going to cause cancer, nervous system failure, or memory loss.  I don’t want a product that I have to wash my hands and body with soap and water after use, or a product that I cannot use on my young children and babies.  Did you know that inhaling bug spray is extremely harmful?  After researching more, I don’t want to use a synthetic bug spray or DEET, and now I don’t have to, and neither do you!

Using doTERRA essential oils, you can make a fabulous bug spray that will keep the bugs away including fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and biting flies.  The best part, these essential oils are proven to be just as powerful as DEET.  They are natural, toxin free, and safe for use with the whole family, including your furry friend!  And, they work!!

Imagine spritzing a repellent that is refreshing when you smell it.  Your airways do not burn when you inhale; and your eyes don’t burn and tear when the spray gets close.  And even better, when it gets in your mouth it does not go numb!

TerraShield and Geranium are both proven to be as powerful as it’s synthetic counterpart DEET at keeping mosquitoes and ticks away.  Spray on exposed skin for refreshing protection from bugs.  Reapply every 3 hours or sooner depending on the severity of the bug infestation.  You might have to reapply 1-3 hours sooner, compared to a store bought repellent, however, to make this blend, the oils itself will only cost you $1.67 ($2017 prices.)  You can purchase the bottles on Amazon at a low cost!  Not only are you protecting you protecting your body, you are protecting the environment, you are doing it at a super affordable price.

Planning on taking your dog outdoors, or into the deep woods?  Spray your dog’s collar to create a flea and tick repellent collar.  Your dog will give you extra licks for this one!!    And, you are protecting your pooch, especially around the ears, where many ticks like to settle.

If you want more information on the powerful benefits of essential oils, message me or go to to learn more. Take control of your health and wellness today, you will never regret it!



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