It’s Worth Recognizing

I was talking with a friend recently how I couldn’t do the journey she is currently on.  She reminded me that there are things I do that she can’t – like running deep in the woods.  I took a few days to ponder that, because there is a lot to learn from it.


PCT in Plumas County as the sun is setting.

I have been camping and wheeling in the woods with my husband for 20 years. I love the woods, feel at home there.  My running journey started in the woods after I signed up for a Ragnar Trail relay. And ever since, I rather run through the hills over wheeling. I feel home on the trail.


Me looking down from near the slabs on the Rubicon Trail. Buck Lake in the background.

I didn’t feel I was doing something someone else couldn’t because I know where I started.  I signed up for the two-day, 16 mile plus relay not running since high school.  I downloaded the app Couch to 5k and began my own journey (although it didn’t feel like a journey at the time.)  I am not a committed runner, in that, I don’t run as often as I can.  To me I am still in the beginning stages of my journey.  I haven’t stepped back to see how far I really have come. I suppose we do that to ourselves more often than we realize.



At my first pre-run for Ragnar 2016 Royal Gorge, CA.

Look at your life. I know there are things you are doing today that no one else could do and others are in awe. Writing, crocheting, reading, biking, teaching, parenting, photography, the talents are endless!  Everything we do we should step back and reflect on our accomplishments.  We trained, practiced, or maybe it was a natural talent, but however it became yours you nurtured it.  Today be proud of your accomplishments and know you are doing amazing things with it!!



As far as the eye can see – adventure awaits – Sierra County

This journey is ours to share!

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