Dreams to Goals

Question:  Are you the type of person who turns a dream into reality shortly after confessing it?  Or even after a reasonable amount of time?  I admire you if you are that person – because I am not.  Except for those no-brainer ones that come naturally like letting your husband know how much you appreciate him more throughout the week.

balance business cobblestone conceptual
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I am curious about the dreams you turn into goals because they don’t come naturally and you need a timeline to achieve.  The ones you feel you can’t do – or if you do them it will take a lifetime.  Those are the dreams achieved with grit.  Pure determination.  Ones that when accomplished you value them more because you realize you just reached a goal you thought could only be a dream.

Rubicon Trail
A section of the Emerald Bay Rim Trail. A great trail to run while camping at DL Bliss Campground.

I have recently revealed a goal which has been a dream.  Maybe more of a daydream, but definitely something I have fantasized about.  Maybe I am crazy  at 42 years old, but I want to run a 50k.  That is a little over 31 miles on trail.  Doubting the distance I thought I should start with a 30k.  But, discussing it with my friend and personal trainer she hit me with the “You can do a 50k.  It isn’t much more than a marathon, and you can train for a marathon in a year”  in a voice I actually believed her.  So here I sit with a dream that is now a goal.

Running with a Smile
Running with a smile – or the death look. Depends on when you see me on the trail.

If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I started running only 3 years ago. I have not ran over a 10k race at one time, and I have not made running a priority.  I run when I get a chance or find myself free in the hills.  Making this goal will require intentional training and commitment.  A real lifestyle change for me, and for my family.  I couldn’t do it without my family on my team. I am looking to sign up for half marathons to start and then a full marathon to prepare me for the distance.  I am not going to lie, it seems like a big task, but not unreachable. I know this is going to be an intentional year, and I am excited to see where my Brooks take me.

Writing is the easy part.  Now, I start my training.

I want to hear about your goals and how you are making them reality.

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe. Not as vivid due to smoke from the Ferguson Fire, but a stunning view nonetheless.

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